Electric Nail Clippers,Intelligent & Automatic,Integrated The Functions of Clip,File,Trim;Suitable for Infant,Baby,Kids,Children,Teenagers,Adults,Elders;Ideal Gift for Friends,Family Members

Dhs. 84 Dhs. 119
  • 1.【Fashion and Safe】This electric nail clipper is safe to use, you don’t need to worry about injuries by accident. Besides young people, It’s also suitable for elders with poor eyesight to use by themselves, and also you’ll be surprised to find that once your kids own this automatic nail clipper, they could handle with their fingernail by themselves without worrying about injuries.
  • 2.【Easy to Operate】This Intelligent fingernail clipper is easy to use, there are 2 levels for you to choose, it clips, trims and smoothens your fingernail at the same time, you don’t need to file your nails after clipping.
  • 3.【Clean and Hygienic】During clipping your nail with this automatic nail clipper, it will help you to collect nail fragments automatically, you don’t need to worry about your nail debris flying any longer.
  • 4.【Low noisy and Rechargeable】This electric nail scissors is low noisy when running, and it’s rechargeable with a micro USB port, for each 30 minutes charging, you can use 6-8 hours.
  • 5.【Perfect Gifts】This electric nail cutter is a perfect gift for friends and family members. Your love and care can apparently be recognized in this gift.

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